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But I’m Too Busy to Read Everything

Yesterday at the bookstore, my middle school aged daughter chose a book meant to be read by a high school aged person. She’s mature enough to handle the advanced reading level. But she’s not mature enough to handle the advanced sex, language, and social issues that the book might contain. I told her I must preview the book before I’d allow her to read it.

And I wished for a website that would lead me in the right direction. Some place that might offer a parent’s opinion on the age appropriateness of Young Adult titles.

There may be many sites out there that offer such information. This may be yet just one more. In which case, one more opinion can’t hurt, right?

But if not – if there aren’t easily found book review sites like this one – I hope it helps other parents who are too busy to read everything but don’t feel comfortable with letting their child read something without at least an idea of what might be between the front and back covers.

This site is not a review site – my opinion about the quality of the story or writing will not be shared here. Rather, this site attempts to summarize issues of concern for parents and indicate if and how the book in question handles them. Based on my own experience, I offer a suggested age of appropriateness at the end of each entry, however this is my opinion alone and has no support from writers or publishers.

Comments are welcome. Encouraged.

Thanks for dropping by.


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