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Hail Caesar


Title: Hail Caesar
Author: Thu-Huong Ha
Publisher: Push
Number of Pages: 304
Advertised Age Level: Young Adult

Age and Grade of Main Character(s): 17 yrs./Junior

Language: pervasive use of profanity, use of the f-word
Sex: several episodes of promiscuous sex, described in mild terms
Drug/Alcohol Use: underage characters consume alcohol and smoke marijuana
Violence: one fist fight between two characters
Social Issues: teen sex, underage drinking, drug use, promiscuous sex, death of a parent, treating girls as objects
Suggested Movie Grade: R

Premise: John “Caesar” Miller is THE big man on campus. A good-looking basketball star, he’s popular with the girls and idolized by the boys for his ability to get any girl he wants. He parties hard and uses his charm to sleep with as many girls as he can, caring nothing for the string of broken hearts he leaves in his wake.

Then Caesar meets Eva, the one girl who seems immune to his magnetism and unimpressed by his popularity. He’s drawn to her, at first determine to add her to his list of conquests, then desperate to gain her admiration. But while Eva agrees to be his friend, she remains elusive, and Caesar begins to question everything he’s ever based his life on.

Comments: Caesar is a very promiscuous character who uses his popularity to get sex. He remains emotionally detached and regards girls a objects. Scenes of sex are described in mild, non-graphic terms. He does mention condom use.

Characters drink alcohol and smoke pot. Caesar’s 13 year old sister attends a party and drinks alcohol given to her by a boy hoping to seduce her. Caesar stops this and takes her home.

Age Appropriateness: 14 and older


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