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Battle Dress

Title:  Battle Dress
Author: Amy Efaw
Publisher: Speak
Number of Pages:  304
Advertised Age Level: Ages 12 and up

Age and Grade of Main Character(s):  17

Language:  one occasion of very mild profanity, a lot of name-calling and verbal abuse directed at the new cadets
Sex: none
Drug/Alcohol Use:  none
Violence: none
Social Issues:  dysfunctional family with abusive parents, rigors of military training
Suggested Movie Grade:  PG

Premise:  Andrea “Andi” Davis has been accepted into the prestigious West Point Military Academy and is heading off for a summer of Cadet Basic Training. While Andi knows that surviving “Beast” will take every ounce of strength she has, nothing could be worse than remaining at home with her dysfunctional family, including her unstable mother who alternates between emotional abuse and outright insanity. However, once confronted with the physical rigors of training and the upper-level officers who keep up a constant barrage of instructions and verbal abuse, Andi begins to wonder if she really has what it takes to make it at West Point.

Potential Points of Concern: Andi’s home life is very dysfunctional. Her parents are emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. Her mother seems to suffer from bipolar disorder. However, her home life is not shown for long.

The upper level training officers constantly shout at and belittle the trainees as part of the rigors of military training.

Andi is under constant stress as a new cadet undergoing training.

Age Appropriateness:  12 +


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