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When You Were Mine

Title:  When You Were Mine
Author: Rebecca Serle
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Number of Pages:  352
Advertised Age Level: Ages 14 to 17

Age and Grade of Main Character(s):  17 years/12th grade

Language:  some profanity, use of the “F” word
Sex: kissing, references to losing virginity but nothing described, one adult is involved in a sex scandal but nothing described
Drug/Alcohol Use:  characters drink at a party, some get drunk
Violence: one boy punches another boy
Social Issues:  first love, boyfriend stealing, loss of best friend, suicidal tendencies, parental adultry, death of teenager
Suggested Movie Grade:  PG-13

Roseline Caplet is thrilled when her lifelong best friend and next door neighbor, Rob Monteg, seems ready to become romantically involved just as the two are beginning their senior year in high school. Rose has always had feelings for Rob and believes their love is almost fated to be. Their first date is fantastic, complete with a magical kiss and the promise of the wonderful future she’s always dreamed of. But then Rose’s estranged cousin, Juliet, arrives back in town. In less than a week, Rob has fallen fast and hard for the beautiful Juliet, leaving poor Rose with a broken heart and the crushing loss of a friendship she’d relied on her entire life.

But there’s more to the story than simple boyfriend stealing. For reasons that Rose cannot understand, Juliet feels that she and her family were betrayed by Rose and her parents, and thus taking Rob away from Rose was an act of revenge. Too, as Rob falls more and more under Juliet’s spell, he changes in ways no one can understand. While Rose is worried for her friend, she begins to move on with Len, a boy she’d never given a second thought about. But then tragedy strikes and Rose must take charge of her own fate.

This book is based on the Romeo and Juliet story by William Shakespeare, told from the point of view of Rosalyn, the girl that Romeo was in love with before he met Juliet.

Potential Points of Concern

Rose’s friend, Charlie, is not a virgin and is encouraging Rose and their other friend, Olivia, to become sexually active. There are no descriptions of any sexual activity other than minor kissing.

The girls hold a party with lots of drinking at Olivia’s parents’ home in Malibu. Charlie is overtly drunk.

Rob treats Rose very cruelly when he meets Juliet and drops Rose immediately. Rose witnesses Rob dancing with Juliet when she believes that Rob is her boyfriend.

Juliet is a mean, shallow, vain girl who treats others around her very badly.

Juliet’s politician father is involved in a sex scandal.

A rumor is going around school that Juliet tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills.

Rob approaches Rose angrily and punches another boy out of jealousy.

Rob comes to see Rose and is very drunk.

Rob and Juliet die in a car accident when Rob is driving under the influence. People believe that Juliet caused the accident in a suicidal fit of jealousy over Rob’s remaining feelings for Rose.

Age Appropriateness:  13 +


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