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Catching Jordan

Title:  Catching Jordan
Author: Miranda Kenneally
Publisher: Sourcebooks/Fire
Number of Pages:  288 (paperback)
Advertised Age Level: Ages 13 and up

Age and Grade of Main Character(s):  17 years/12th grade

Language:  some profanity, use of the “F” word
Sex: kissing, loss of virginity, nothing is ever described but sex is treated casually
Drug/Alcohol Use:  references to drinking beer but no characters drink in the course of the story
Violence: two boys fight with each other
Social Issues:  first love, loss of friendship, disapproval of parent, pursuit of dreams, sexual inequality
Suggested Movie Grade:  PG-13


Jordan Woods has football in her blood, literally. Her father is an NFL quarterback, her brother is a college star quarterback, and Jordan is following in their footsteps with the best quarterback record in the state of Tennessee. This despite the fact that Jordan is a girl. Not only is Jordan a stellar QB, she commands her team as captain and enjoys the close friendship of a rowdy bunch of guys who respect her. She’s excited by the prospect of playing college level ball with her dream program at Alabama and is pleased when it looks like a full-ride scholarship is on the horizon.

However, when Ty Green steps on the field, he throws a wrench in Jordan’s carefully laid plans. First of all, Ty is a star QB from Texas who can give Jordan some serious competition for her position as the teams #1 QB. But even more troubling, Ty is hotter than hot, and Jordan finds herself having romantic feelings for him. This causes some unwanted and inconvenient distractions that she simply can’t afford. But what’s even worse is that Jordan’s feelings for Ty seem to have cost her the friendship of her life-long best friend, Sam Henry. As Henry pulls away, Jordan begins to think that maybe she’s always had the love of her life right beneath her nose.

Potential Points of Concern

Jordan is constantly disappointed and frustrated because her father seems very uninterested and indifferent about her football successes while he showers Jordan’s brother, Mike, and Jordan’s male teammates with praise and encouragement. Jordan comes to learn that her father’s disapproval of her playing football stems from his fear that Jordan will be seriously injured while playing.

All of the male football players engage in casual sex. While nothing is ever described, reference is made to certain girls being a “good lay”. Sam Henry admits to sleeping with many girls as a stress reliever. Overall, sex is treated very casually by all characters.

Jordan loses her virginity to Ty. Ty uses a condom and nothing is described at all, but the encounter is treated as fairly casual given the significance of it being Jordan’s first time.

Henry often spends the night at Jordan’s house, sleeping with her in her bed. They are supposed to sleep head-to-foot but Henry always manages to turn around during the night. Nothing happens – this is a platonic situation.

One minor character constantly makes passes and innuendos at Jordan. She deftly handles them.

Some jealous girls call Jordan a slut behind her back and imply that she might be sleeping with Henry and other boys on the football team.

Jordan is called a “dyke” by players from other teams.

Ty and Henry get in a fist fight.

Age Appropriateness:  14 +


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One thought on “Catching Jordan

  1. Chanel Carstarphen on said:

    This absolutely needs to be movie, I’ve read the book 10 times! It’s great, please make this a movie! It’ll sell great in theaters.

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