Age Appropriate

Parental Reviews Of Non-Parental Books


Title:  Easy
Author: Tammara Webber
Publisher: Penguin Group
Number of Pages: 336 (paperback)
Advertised Age Level: Ages 18 and up

Age and Grade of Main Character(s):   Sophomore in college

Language:  some profanity, use of the “f” word
Sex: yes – sensual (not explicit) descriptions of sex, characters are not virgins, one character is nearly raped
Drug/Alcohol Use:  drinking at a party
Violence: main character is assaulted and nearly raped, several fights between male characters, attack and murder of a parent although not described
Social Issues:  rape and sexual assault, self-identity, breaking up with significant other, self-defense, overcoming tragedy
Suggested Movie Grade:  R

After high school, Jacqueline followed her boyfriend to college only to have him dump her at the beginning of their sophomore year. Depressed, she attends a party with her roommate and is sexually assaulted when she goes to her parked car. Thankfully, a guy she’s never met before stops the attack. Before long, Jacqueline finds herself falling for Lucas, a guy who seems to be hiding a painful past. But Lucas has another secret – he is also Jacqueline’s on-line tutor, and any relationship they have is strictly off limits due to her status as a student. As the two become closer and their relationship gets more physical, Jacqueline is confused when  Lucas seems reluctant to take it to the next level. She looks into his past and finds that Lucas witnessed the attack and murder of his mother, a tragedy that haunts him constantly. Meanwhile, the boy who nearly raped Jacqueline is still bothering her, and she isn’t his only victim.

Potential Points of Concern: Jacqueline is nearly raped after a party. She is later attacked again in the stairway of her dorm, but she is able to stop the assault herself. The boy rapes another girl off screen.

Jacqueline and Lucas begin a very physical relationship that culminates in sex by the end of the book. These scenes a not graphic or explicit but are very sensuously described with no ambiguity as to what is happening.

Lucas was the witness to his mother’s attack and murder – described by one character to another but not shown on screen.

Age Appropriateness:  16 +


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