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The Fault In Our Stars


Title: The Fault In Our Stars
Author: John Green
Publisher: Penguin Group
Number of Pages:  336 (hard cover)
Advertised Age Level: Ages 14-17

Age and Grade of Main Character(s):  17

Language:  some profanity
Sex: kissing, main characters lose their virginity but this is not described in any detail
Drug/Alcohol Use:  characters drink champagne, secondary character is an alcoholic
Violence: none
Social Issues:  cancer, death of a young person
Suggested Movie Grade:  PG

Premise:  Hazel Lancaster has cancer. Her prognosis is not good – her disease is terminal. But because of a miracle drug, she’s got some time. She lives with constant pain, requiring a steady stream of oxygen to keep breathing, and she worries about the pain and grief that she knows her parents will suffer once she finally succumbs to her illness. She’s made her peace with her limited existence, and her life is something she takes from day to day.

When Hazel meets Augustus Waters, she never expects to fall in love. But Augustus – a cancer survivor who lost his leg – is charming, sweet and crazy good looking. The two develop an immediate and intense bond. Hazel struggles with her reluctance to put Augustus through the heartbreak that her death is sure to cause him. But Augustus knows that when you are living on borrowed time, you have to treasure all the love you can find.

Potential Points of Concern:

This section contains spoilers that some may wish to avoid.

Hazel’s cancer is terminal. She is in constant pain, and at one point she is hospitalized and put into the ICU when her lungs fill with fluid and oxygen cannot get to her brain.

One character, Isaac, lost an eye to cancer and must undergo surgery when the cancer affects his remaining eye. He becomes blind.

Hazel and Augustus lose their virginity together. The scene is vague with no explicit descriptions.

Augustus’s cancer returns and becomes terminal. Hazel remains with him during his rapid decline and subsequent death. This depiction is very intense and may be too much for sensitive readers.

Age Appropriateness:  14 + due to intense subject matter


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5 thoughts on “The Fault In Our Stars

  1. Thanks for this great information. Thought you might want to know that according to Parental Book Reviews there is quite a bit of profanity in this book (the above review says there is no profanity):

    20+ sh**
    5 Hell
    9 godda**
    1 bada**
    2 bit**
    2 a**hole
    1 a**clown
    2 a**
    1 fu**

    • ageappropriate on said:

      Thanks for the heads-up. I often copy previous reviews as a template to write up a new review, and I must have forgotten to change the profanity information. I’ll make the correction.

  2. Dionne Willis on said:

    Thanks! Super helpful and just what I needed.

  3. I’m 10 and read the book…

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