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Title:  Catherine
Author: April Lindner
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young People
Number of Pages: 320 (hard cover)
Advertised Age Level: Ages 14-17

Age and Grade of Main Character(s):   16-18 years

Language:  no profanity
Sex: kissing, main character loses virginity but not described
Drug/Alcohol Use:  adults drink
Violence: main characters are threatened at gunpoint, main character is murdered
Social Issues:  first love, dysfunctional families, disappearance of a parent
Suggested Movie Grade:  PG-13

A modern retelling of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

Chelsea always believed her mother, Catherine, died when Chelsea was a baby. But she discovers a hidden letter that reveals that Catherine left her family to return to New York City. Thinking her mother is still alive, Chelsea follows her trail to the punk rock club, The Underground where the club’s surly owner, Hence, holds clues that might help Chelsea find Catherine.

Twenty years earlier, Catherine Ebersole meets Hence when he arrives at her father’s club, The Underground, with nothing more than a guitar. As Hence and Catherine get to know each other, they fall in love. But Hence has dreams of becoming a successful musician while Catherine plans to attend Harvard. Before they can work out their differences, Hence overhears a conversation that leads him to the wrong conclusion about Catherine and lashes out angrily, hurting her to the core.

As Chelsea learns more about her mother’s relationship with Hence, she becomes even more determined to find out what happened when Catherine tried to reconnect with her first love. But as she follows the clues left in Catherine’s journal, Chelsea begins to fear that her mother met with a violent end.

Potential Points of Concern: 

Chelsea runs away from home to find her mother without telling her father where she is going. Throughout the story, she refuses to call him to let him know that she is safe, justifying her behaviour as punishment because he kept the truth about her mother from her for all of those years.

Catherine and Hence have sex but it is not described at all.

Catherine’s brother, Quinton, finds Catherine and Hence sleeping in a bed together and points a gun at them, throwing them out of the house.

The adult Hence is very cold and bitter and nasty to Chelsea.

Catherine is kidnapped and murdered by her brother because he does not approve of her relationship with Hence.

Age Appropriateness:  13 +


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